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Our travel blogs are focused on a map

Every place you visit can be tagged on a map
Build up your travel itinerary by adding as many tags to your map as you like. No limits. Tag as many as you like. Your map can also be customized so your travel blog looks nice and neat
Add your story to your blog
After you have tagged a new place on the map, you can then continue by writing down your story.
Upload your photos
To polish up your blog even more, just upload your photos from what ever device you are on. Thats it, ready is your new travelblog. Its that easy
Start writing your travelblog now and sign up, its free! Or check out an example blog, that we have prepared for you.
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We think that

less is more

so we have broken down travel blogs to what we think are the two most important things.

The Where and the What.
With our travel blog, you can easily show your friends at home where on earth you are, by tagging all the places you have visited on a travel map. And of course we have made it easy for you to show what exactly you are experiencing to on the other side of the world. Your story is best told by your photos and your words. So we have kept that in mind when designing isTraveling. A simple blog editor will guide you to get your blog up in a minute.

You do not have to worry about design and code, thats our job, you can focus on creating beautiful content and of course your travels

Looking forward to welcoming you on board

- Andreas, founder of isTraveling

Our features


Unlimited Location Tags

Tag as many places on your travel map as you like, there are no limits

Add your own Photos

Upload your photos to your travelblog. Premium users have unlimited uploads.

Subscribe to other blogs

When you want to recieve notifications about new blog entries via email you can easily subscribe to other users’ Blogs

Private travel blogs

Premium users can set a password for their blog so only invited people can read your travel blog

Write your blog on your phone

Where ever you find a working internet connection you can update your travel blog with ease. Our app also works in your mobile‘s browser. So no matter where your trip takes you, you can keep your travel blog up to date.

About us

On isTraveling you can create great travel blogs with a map to share your travel experiences with Friends and Family no matter where on earth your journey will take you.